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7 min readSep 22, 2022

It is time for a change. We are constantly seeking to improve; thus, we have decided to change our method of communication to be more effective. Rather than frequent announcements and updates that may be difficult to understand due to the many connected elements of the Cynova Enterprise, we are centralizing communication for all Cynova Enterprise-related endeavors utilizing this platform and intend to issue comprehensive updates on a weekly basis.

We have a tremendous amount going on and recognize that consolidating all the moving parts into a single stream of communication is critical to ensure ambiguity is removed.

We want to make one thing very clear. We have established a business model designed to generate revenue and ultimately sustain a profit. Unfortunately, the web3/NFT space is riddled with projects with unsustainable economic structures. It is by no means a guarantee, but we have a fundamental understanding of the building blocks necessary to drive economic value to all of those that invest in and alongside us.

This first post will be lengthy but will properly articulate everything you need to know about Cynova Enterprise and how our community will capture economic benefit from holding our NFT collections.

Let’s get to it.

What is Cynova Enterprise?

This seemed like a great place to start. Cynova Enterprise is the “holding company” that encompasses all the project and development initiatives within our umbrella of activity. What we are building is complicated, so let’s break it down visually and then dive a little deeper into each:

Cynova Enterprise Org Structure

Cynova Studios

Do you remember the first time you read your first comic book? Or the first time you watched an animated film? We do. There is something about the world of animation and storytelling that taps into our desire for intrigue and allows us to imagine. But traditional storytelling is so….web2. Imagine if you owned the rights to Superman or Batman?

That is where we come in. Cynova Studios is the next generation web3 entertainment studio bringing a cast of characters to life by way of an animated film series and comic book series.

More specifically, your cast of characters.

We are only days away from sharing amazing insight into the Lore of Cynova. As a preview, the Cynovians were once known as the most skilled mercenaries and assassins in the known universe. While they possess human DNA, they are millions of years older than the Earth human race and have perfected many type 3 civilization technologies, in addition to achieving symbiotic hyper-evolution with the Luzonians.

The Lore of Cynova

Over the coming weeks and months, we will reveal an amazing cast of intergalactic superheroes and supervillains. This will lead up to the release of issue #1 of our comic book which will be airdropped to holders of the Cynova Genesis and Cynova Legacy NFT collections.

Active fundraising efforts are ongoing in order to accelerate the production of our animated series. Think Web3 Transformers, only better. We intend to engage an industry-leading studio production team with a deep background in animation and production. Like any studio production, we will generate revenue from streaming media platforms (TBD), license fees, and merchandise sales.

But what would a good animated series be without a memorable soundtrack? We partnered up with some incredible artists to release the official Cynova Anthem which will be featured in the animated film series and available on all major streaming platforms. All royalties from secondary sales and streams will be distributed back to holders of the anthems NFT collection, initially airdropped to those holding and staking increment of 5 legacy collection 3D NFTs.

Without further ado:

Oh, and check out the airdrop.

Cynova Anthem Airdrop

As you can see, the studio efforts are in full swing. But we have a long way to go to reach our goals. However, our goals are attainable, we have a solid roadmap on how to get there, and an amazing fast-growing community of support.


It turns out that when you launch and build your own web3/NFT project, you quickly realize there are very few tools to streamline your efforts. As noted earlier, web3 projects still require all the same front and back office administration and operational needs as web2. So, we started building some basic tools to support our own endeavors and quickly realized there was an independent business opportunity. But of course, we did not want to pursue such an opportunity at the expense of our Cynova community, so we rolled it under the Cynova Enterprise.

It is a common misconception that NFT projects are facilitated entirely by software developers and creatives. The truth is, every project is a business, and every business needs access to the tools necessary to operate efficiently while complying with an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Hiring and onboarding, talent acquisition, payroll management, taxes, expense tracking and management, invoicing, accounts payable etc. are all still required. Yet, the Solana ecosystem is lacking in easy-to-use tools that empower teams to focus their time and effort in the areas where holders benefit the most.

Enter Builderz. Builderz is a software development company, specifically focused on developing and licensing the administrative and operational management tools that NFT project teams need to run their businesses efficiently.

Our first product is B-Pay, a simple and easy-to-use payroll management platform. The system allows teams to facilitate, schedule, and manage the payment of employees and contractors while gaining access to business intelligence tools for tracking and reporting.

B-Pay is currently in beta, being tested by some of the premier projects in the Solana NFT ecosystem. We will be launching the product soon while simultaneously announcing some incredible partnerships that will ensure the sales pipeline remains full. The product will be offered under a traditional SaaS pricing model to be announced shortly.

But as Builderz, we are not stopping with B-Pay. Our roadmap is aggressive and focused on the highest priority of needs. Prioritized tools to be, or in development, include:

· Affiliate management

· Expense management & tracking (think crypto Expensify)

· Talent management & onboarding

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing details on our roadmap for Builderz, as well as some exciting news on our funding efforts. We hope to be revenue-generating in the 4th quarter of 2022. Additional details on our profit-sharing model for Cynova NFT holders will be posted in a more detailed Medium article.


Novakey, formally known as Novapass (yes, this is some alpha), is an independent enterprise NFT collection we refer to as our “gateway collection”. This is to say we needed a smart contract and NFT structure that could remain outside the Cynova Studios and Builderz ecosystem (and future ones) that would allow us to tie all the projects together. We want this to look and feel like an integrated effort, while still maintaining the stand-alone elements necessary to brand and grow the respective businesses.

Some examples of utility, include the need to hold a Novakey NFT in order to:

  • Mint certain collections
  • Receive partnership airdrops across all present and future businesses
  • Receive profit-sharing distributions

More utility will be explained in our upcoming post that will address how all of the NFT collections will work together to form the basis of value for holders.


NOVAX is our utility token that lives across the Cynova Enterprise. NOVAX is earned by staking the Cynova Genesis and Cynova Legacy 3D collections. The current amount of NOVAX earned per day per NFT is ~13 (at the timing of publication).

Also at the time of this content, there is 136.5M outstanding NOVAX in circulation trading at a price of $0.00181 USD.

Yikes. Trust me, we know. But we have plans. When we launched our ecosystem we lacked the appropriate tokenomic model required to sustain a value that reflects the overall value of the business. In addition to regular reward halvings, significant burning mechanisms will be deployed, with significant incentive to do so. In other words, to share in the profits of Cynova Enterprise, you will need NOVAX in a material way (a little alpha).

If you made it this far, you are a true degen and we appreciate your commitment to Cynova Enteprise. We are excited to continue this journey and look forward to sharing some exciting news over the coming weeks.