Unlock the Ultimate Collectible Experience: Introducing the Eternal Lootbox

Cynova Enterprise
2 min readJan 29, 2023

Introducing the ultimate collectible experience with the Eternal Lootbox — the first-of-its-kind lootbox collection that combines physical rewards with digital utility. As an NFT holder, unlock new rewards every 7 days by simply holding a lootbox in your wallet. These rewards can include vouchers for physical products and events, NFTs, tokens, and more.

But that’s not all — holders of 5 or more Eternal Lootbox NFTs will receive a free monthly Mystery Box delivered to their door (shipping not included), and those with 20 or more will qualify for a Premium Mystery Box. Plus, you can redeem your rewards instantly by burning your lootbox at any time.

Getting your hands on an Eternal Lootbox is easy — anyone holding a fused Cynova Legacy that is staked will generate NovaPoints on our new staking platform. NovaPoints can be used to redeem Lootboxes, and more.

Additionally, a limited number of lootboxes will be available for purchase on Magic Eden for anyone to benefit from weekly and monthly rewards; or to qualify for standard or premium IRL mystery boxes.

With rewards rolling out one week after the first Lootbox claim, and a portion of the secondary sale royalties going towards funding weekly and monthly rewards, our goal is to have 3,000+ holders by the end of the first month. We are utilising our team’s extensive networks to provide awesome surprises in the monthly boxes. As we scale, we plan to open submissions to the web2 space and enable stripe payments for the public to subscribe without the need for crypto (although you can subscribe in crypto too), providing us with a stable, recurring, fiat revenue stream.

To redeem your rewards, simply connect your wallet to our dashboard, select all of your lootboxes, and depending on the number of lootboxes you hold, you’ll qualify for digital rewards or digital and physical rewards. Add your delivery address (privacy is a top priority and it will be kept separate from your wallet) and set up your monthly subscription for delivery. Any time your Lootboxes move from your wallet, deliveries will be paused, and the new holder will need to visit the dashboard and register their details.

This collection is separate to Cynova’s collections and provides an opportunity for current holders to earn additional rewards for FREE, all you need to do is stake to earn NovaPoints (as well as giving others in the space the opportunity to enter the Cynova ecosystem at a lower cost of entry too).

So, what’s in the box? Like any good Lootbox, it’s a surprise! But it could be anything from protein bars, to aftershave, clothing/merch, toiletries, sweets, and more. Not only will you receive real-life benefits, but as a lootbox holder, you’ll also qualify for random airdrops and various digital-based rewards.

Got loot?