Royalty LP Incentive & Fee Distribution Program — Week 6

Cynova Enterprise
2 min readNov 21, 2022

We are 6 weeks into our Royalty LP incentive program and it was our best week yet. Hadeswap had some great volume and we were able to position our liquidity pools to take advantage of it. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Cynova Royalty LP Program Week 6

The Cynova Enterprise family is amazing. With your help, we generated 45.49 SOL in secondary royalties. This is the most generated since starting the program, despite a tumulous NFT environment. You did our part, so we did ours. We were able to generate 79.3 SOL in LP fees, the second most since launching the program.

This week we are enforcing our 1-week minimum hold period required to qualify for the distribution. But we also have a little surprise. As a thank you to our loyal holders, we have decided to include 50% of this week's royalties in the distribution. At 4,548 qualifying NFTs, this week's distribution is 62.4 SOL or 0.014 SOL/NFT.

Thank you again to our loyal community, and welcome to all those that have recently joined!