Royalty LP Incentive & Fee Distribution Program — Week 3

It is the 3rd week of our royalty LP incentive & fee distribution program, and performance was strong. Let’s take a look at the numbers (this time with some visuals):

Cynova — Royalty LP Incentive Program Performance

In week 3, we generated 42.6 SOL in LP fees and 5.9 SOL in royalties. Fees were a bit lower this week, but as noted in last week's article, we were expecting a decline resulting from slower volumes. However, as SOL had a short bull run over the weekend, we saw an increase in fees in the last 2 days of the cycle.

This week the number of qualifying NFTs increased from 3,415 to 4,766. At 50% of the LP fees distributed, we will be distributing 21.3 SOL or 0.004 SOL per NFT.

Cynova — Distribution per NFT

We are actively managing the LPs and hope to accelerate fee performance, but it will largely be driven by volumes on the Hadeswap platform. We are looking into a few high-volume projects which we believe should perform well this week. Stay tuned.



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