Royalty LP Incentive & Fee Distribution Program — Week 2

It is the 2nd week of our royalty LP incentive & fee distribution program, and performance was strong. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Cynova LP Performance — Week 2

First, we wanted to make it known that for week 1, we decided to distribute 100% of all the LP fees earned to our holders. We felt it was a “sign of good faith” to show our holders, many of who have been unwavering in their support since mint, a few thanks.

With week 2, we are getting back to the program structure as outlined. We generated 16.16 SOL in royalties which will be 100% re-invested back into the LPs. We had a strong performance on Hadeswap this week generating 97.5 SOL in fees. At 50% distribution, the total this week is close to last week at 48.4 SOL or 0.0101 SOL per delisted NFT held. We doubled fee generation week over week.

We will also be reinvesting an additional SOL from the fees generated back into the LPs this week to support the compound effect.

We are starting to see a slowdown in Solana NFT trading which many of you have also likely noticed. We will be actively managing the liquidity pools to maximize performance, but it is heavily influenced by trading volumes. Let’s see what we can do.



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