Royalty LP Incentive & Fee Distribution Program — Week 10


It is week 10 of the LP Incentive Fee & Distribution Program. Let’s get straight into the numbers.

Week 10 Royalty LP Incentive Program

Week 10 looked much like week 9. We generated 7.59 SOL in royalties and 34 SOL in LP Fees. We are looking to take advantage of a few high-volume collections in the next couple of weeks.

At 4,432 qualifying Legacy NFTs + 30 Genesis, this week’s distribution is 20.8 SOL or ~0.0047 SOL/NFT (slightly higher for Genesis and lower for Legacy).

To date, we have generated 553 SOL in LP fees. This is more than we started with. We have distributed 380 SOL of the 553, returning value to our holders slowly but surely.

See you next week!