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4 min readDec 29, 2022


We have a lot of important updates for you all, so please take the time to read through all of this information carefully.


Rest assured, it is on its way.

It was unfortunate timing with it being so close to Christmas as that’s the busiest time for logistics/shipping. This has caused some delays, especially as it’s international shipping.

However, the wine is being shipped out and we anticipate that you start receiving your wine early January.

The gin is being labelled as we speak and will be shipped out in January.


The fusion cut-off period is 1st January.

You can still fuse your legacy with a key after this point, however, to qualify for the utility going forwards they will need to be fused.

E.g. for airdrops, only fused legacy’s would qualify. If you have a legacy and a key that are not fused, you would not qualify.

Fusion website Link: https://fusion.cynova.io/


We have made a strategic decision to withdraw our liquidity from Hadeswap.

Being completely honest, it was clear that the amount of SOL per NFT weekly hasn’t really been worthwhile, it has increased a lot at times but even then it’s really not a notable amount.

This is not because we don’t think LP’s are worthwhile, they have provided a great ROI to date, it’s simply the amount we receive weekly split between so many holders isn’t really worth it.

This liquidity will be used to fund the cost of an additional developer we have hired.

We will be pushing our development services a huge amount going forwards to really maximise on revenue and in turn maximising on airdrop rewards to holders.

Our goal is to be known as “builders” in this space, and we will be.

Going forwards, airdrops will take place monthly. Monthly airdrops will include:

% of secondary sale royalties on the CYNOVA Legacy collection.

% of BUILDERZ profits.

% of Guudies profits.

The first airdrop on the new format will take place on January 31st. The BLOCKZ first airdrops will also begin from this date.

To qualify for these airdrops, you will need to hold fused Cynova Legacy NFT’s.

The more fused Legacy’s you hold, the higher % you receive on the monthly airdrops.


BUILDERZ have partnered with Matrica, allowing our royalty tool to interact with their smart contracts so “royalties-paid” roles can be auto-assigned in Discord.

We explored this partnership after a client was seeking a custom royalty platform for their holders to pay and manage royalties on their own branded dashboard.

Having to manually assign a role to every single holder was taking up a huge amount of their teams time and this partnership provided a solution.

We are excited to announce we will now be offering this “custom royalty platform” as a service under BUILDERZ.


As briefly mentioned on previous announcements, CYNOVA/AZURIS have partnered with an MTV reality TV star to launch a vodka range together.

This vodka range is expected to go live in January and we are in discussions around event and TV exposure for the brand as well as multiple other celeb/ambassador partnerships shh…

CYNOVA holders will be one of the first to access this premium line of vodka.


The Guudies main mint will take place late January and we have partnered with Metaplex for this.

The WL for the Guudies main mint opens soon.

A progress update on the marketplace and project onboarding will be provided early January.


Our previous plan was to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for CYNOVA Studios. We feel that with recent developments and our overall vision for CYNOVA Enterprise, at this stage it would make sense to seek VC funding at group level and raise money for CYNOVA Enterprise as a whole.

The funding will be strategically distributed between the companies within our group and each would be set up with their own CEO’s and teams — running as individual self sufficient companies but benefitting in multiple ways from a group structure.

The group structure is due to be officially set up in January, this takes some time with HMRC, but not much longer.

We are in active discussions with large VCs and angels in the space, more updates will be provided soon.


I have been aware for a while that a huge weakness for CYNOVA to-date has been the marketing and that we needed to address this. Yes, we have had some great creative ideas and campaigns but overall the strategy and execution needs to greatly improve in all areas.

It’s about time the world knew about all the amazing things we are building.

I am very excited to announce the newest member to the CYNOVA team and family, Fast Edward!

Eddie brings an incredible amount of experience in so many verticals both in web2 and web3 that will be an asset to CYNOVA enterprise.

Fast Edward has joined as Group Head of Marketing for CYNOVA Enterprise and amongst many other things, will be overseeing the marketing strategy and execution across all companies within our group.

Check out this thread to learn more about Eddie:



I want to thank each every one of you who have supported us and believed in me and the team. Your trust means everything to us, we are grinding non stop everyday to deliver on our vision and we will not stop.

Over Christmas I had my first “proper days off” since starting CYNOVA. I can’t explain how much better I feel after spending some time with my family and relaxing for a couple of days. I have also got back into training/exercising again which has done wonders for my energy.

I am looking forward to ending this year strong and laser focused, ready to attack 2023 without holding anything back.

We are not going anywhere. We are staying on Solana. Yes, we are exploring cross-chain solutions such as enabling Ethereum payments on B-Pay, but we will not be moving our projects to any other chain.

CYNOVA is going for the number one spot. Nothing is going to stop us getting there.

- Max 🫡