Cynova Wine

Cynova Wine: Our First IRL Crossover

We wanted to do something fun for our holders that did not serve as a distraction to our core development focus. So, we explored our network and it turns out our team, investors and advisors have some incredible connections to the consumer products world.

Introducing, Azuris Romagna Sangiovese (Cynova Wine). Azuris is one of the planets in the Cynova Universe. It is a tropical oasis planet with 4 large moons, with several governments and factions.

Cynova Wine

First, a few fun facts about the wine.

  • Produced in Italy in the Emilia Romagna region
  • 100% Sangiovese grapes

As we are working with (outsourcing to) a world-class distribution business, Cynova Wine will be available worldwide. However, as is typical with alcohol import/export, some restrictions may apply.

Now let’s talk process:

  • For each Cynova Legacy 3D and NovaKey, you will be airdropped 1 “Cynova Chalice”, a minting token. For example, if you stake 3 Legacy 3D and hold 3 Novakeys, you will receive 3 Cynova Chalice minting tokens.
  • The Cynova Wine supply is 400 bottles. Thus, the mint will be FCFS.
  • Cynova Whales will receive 1 free mint which will be pre-minted and airdropped.
  • Cynova Genesis holders will receive 1 free mint which will be pre-minted and airdropped.
  • Once you have minted your Cynova Wine NFT, using the Cynova Chalice minting token, you will be able to use this NFT to claim your wine bottle from our website on launch day which will be announced later.
  • Mint price: 1 SOL (this covers shipping and logistics costs).

If you do not enjoy the taste of wine or are not interested in having a Cynova collector's item, you can swap, trade, or sell your Cynova Chalice / Cynova Wine NFTs.

A few additional important notes. Upon minting, the Cynova Chalice minting token will be burned. If you are unable to mint, be sure to hold onto your Cynova Chalice(s). We will be utilizing them for many more IRL drops while we continue to push forward with Cynova Studios and Builderz development initiatives. As we advance partnerships with notable consumer products and merchandising businesses, future drops will become increasingly exclusive to holders. We are also working diligently to leverage NOVAX in the minting and claiming process. Stay tuned.

Be sure to keep your Cynova Wine bottle corked, as we plan to host a live poker tournament leveraging our newly formed partnership with Oak Paradise, and have a celebratory toast. But, it is an incredible wine, so we understand if you can’t.

See you at the tables.



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