Cynova Enterprise: Holder Benefits Explained

Now, the article you truly care about. Holder benefits. We have a lot of stuff to hold, and a lot of stuff to be rewarded.

Let’s try and simplify it.

To start, below is an infographic that summarizes the overall Cynova Enterprise holder economy. The chart serves as a cross-section of “stuff you will get” and “stuff you need to have” (and/or do). The x-axis (header row) comprises all the current collections (including soon-to-be-minted BLOCKZ) within the Cynova Enterprise. The y — axis (column) represents the landscape of monetary and non-monetary rewards available (currently) for holding.

The way to properly read this chart is to pick a row, and any check box you see means you must hold SOME or ALL of those items in order to qualify for the respective benefit.

Cynova Enterprise Holder Benefits

Note 1: you may hold Cynova Genesis OR Cynova Legacy, with the number you must hold dependent on the reward. This is explained below.
Note 2: BLOCKZ is a stand-alone category. This is explained below.

To remove (or at least reduce) confusion, let’s dive a little deeper by going through each of the “stuff you will get” categories.


Our utility token can only be earned by staking the Cynova Genesis or Cynova Legacy 3D collections. 2D is no longer eligible for staking, so be sure to upgrade. Over time, the token will have increasing utility including purchasing merchandise, important NFT features, profit-sharing qualification, and VIP event access. Additionally, more frequent reward halvings will occur slowing down the increase in circulating supply.

Profit Share

This is an important one to read closely. Here is how profit sharing is going to work across the Cynova Enterprise:


Builderz Profit Sharing

Note: The 5% profit sharing pool for the Genesis and Legacy holders is the same pool, not separate.

Note: The respective profit % will be split across all holders in that category. For example, 20% of Builderz Profits will be shared across all holders of BLOCKZ Alpha NFTs, pro rata based on quantity held.

We also want to make very clear the structure and process of the upcoming BLOCKZ Alpha and Beta whitelist and mint. This is a smaller collection (by design) and thus there is no perfect way to reward all Cynova holders, regardless of quantity held. Thus, we tried to be as fair as possible.

Here is how the BLOCKZ Alpha and Beta whitelist and mint will work:

  • All BLOCKS Alpha reserved for strategic partners will be automatically airdropped over time to the wallet provided. There are a total of 20.
  • Cynova Legacy Whales, those who hold 20+ Cynova Legacy NFTs, will receive one guaranteed WL spot for BLOCKZ Alpha and Beta. At the time of this article, there are ~32 whales.
  • For our Cynova Legacy Premium holders, those who hold 5+ Cynova Legacy, we will be reserving 100 BLOCKZ Alpha WL spots, and 250 BLOCKZ Beta WL spots. Unfortunately, there are not enough NFTs in this collection for all Premium holders to automatically qualify for an Alpha WL spot. The 100 BLOCKZ Alpha WL spots for Premium holders will be hand selected by the Cynova management team based on three criteria: How long the NFTs have been held, loudness on Twitter, and overall engagement on Discord.
  • Once we have selected the 100 Premium holders for a guaranteed Alpha spot, the next 250 Premium holders will be entitled to a guaranteed Beta WL spot. Currently, we expect all Premium users to receive a guaranteed WL spot of one or the other, but that is subject to change as users buy and sell over the coming days. We will be as fair as possible if there are more Premium users that qualify than spots available.
  • As is normal, there is a strong probability not all Whales or Premium holders will claim their WL spots. We will allocate 48 hours after the WL claim portal for those to claim their respective spots, and after that, we will make determinations if certain users will be
  • The respective qualifications will be validated based on wallet holdings upon WL claiming.

More information on the precise WL/mint structure and schedule will be released shortly. However, the BLOCKZ Alpha and Beta WL portal and claim process is planned for next week with the mint occurring on October 8th and 9th respectively for each collection.

For more details on mint price etc., please refer to this Medium article previously published.

Cynova Studios:

  • What we can share is that you will be required to hold 1+ Genesis or 5+ Legacy collections, the same number of NovaKeys and NOVAX to participate in the Cynova Studios profit sharing.
  • Cynova Anthem royalty sharing is excluded.

We are working on the precise mechanics, but all Cynova Enterprise profit-sharing will be claimed by utilizing a Builderz software platform currently in the early stages of development. You will be required to connect your wallet and utilize NOVAX as part of the claim process. As part of the claim process, we will be validating your geolocation to ensure we are not in conflict with any SEC regulations. Hint: VPN. More on this to follow.

Music Royalties

If you hold 1+ Cynova Anthem NFTs, you will qualify for royalty sharing from any revenue generated from the anthem (streaming platforms or licensing). Your share of the profit will be calculated based on the number of Cynova Anthem NFTs you own as a percent of the total supply. There is no other way to share in royalties derived from the Cynova Anthem or any future audio tracks.

Airdrops (and mints)

Airdrops will be on a case-by-case basis. However, any Builderz-related airdrops will require ownership of BLOCKZ NFT’s. Similarly, any Cynova Studios-related airdrops will require ownership of Cynova Genesis or Legacy collections. Specific airdrop requirements will be announced prior to any airdrop.

As to the upcoming comic books series mint, for every 1+ Cynova Legacy Collection + 1 NovaKey you hold, you will be able to mint 1 comic book NFT for 1,500 NOVAX (subject to change).


We will be creating Cynova Merchandise that will be for sale in NOVAX and other currencies. To start, this will include clothing and 3D-printed items. More will be announced on this at a later date. It will be for sale to anyone holding NOVAX or the accepted store currencies, but Cynova Genesis and Cynova Legacy holders will receive a 10–20% discount.

NFT Features

In web3, an animated film series and comic book with a cast of characters offering several unique opportunities to leverage 1/1 NFTs for exclusive casting and features. We will announce more on this at a later date, but you will be required to hold Cynova Genesis or Legacy collection NFTs, at least one NovaKey, and some NOVAX.

VIP Event Access

We intend to provide special privileges and access to various IRL events for our VIP’s. Such examples include custom 1/1 featured character NFTs with royalties, access to film screenings, character naming rights, profit-sharing multipliers, and limited drop merchandise. This will be reserved for our biggest holders, requiring at least 1+ Genesis or 20+ Legacy collections, 1+ NovaKey, 1+Cynova Anthem, NOVAX, and 1+ BLOCKZ Alpha and 5+ BLOCKZ Beta.

More to follow.

We hope you are excited about the future of Cynova Enterprise as we are. We are on a path to profitability and are ready (and thrilled) to return any value we can create with our community of collection holders. We will remain transparent throughout the process and do our best not to change the rules which is, unfortunately, commonplace in this space.




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