Builderz: First Revenue, Private Investment & BLOCKZ Mint

We are thrilled to announce two major milestones for Cynova Enterprise. We signed our first client for B-Pay and generated our first revenue. Our partnership announcement led to interest from various third parties who reached out, and one was keen to secure licenses prior to launch if offered a discount. The deal serves to establish proof of concept and sets the stage for Builderz to grow into a robust software development business empowering web3 teams with in-demand tools and systems. We have a tremendous amount of interest in the product.

We also secured our first private investment into Builderz. The investor prefers to remain anonymous, but he is a prominent entrepreneur with a track record of building and investing in successful businesses. He sits on several Fortune 500 boards and has successfully raised over $1B of funds for various personal and portfolio companies and will be supporting Cynova Enterprise in securing growth capital from high-net-worth individuals and insitutions. The details of the investment will remain undisclosed in accordance with the confidentiality agreement that was executed as part of the transaction. We are thrilled to have him as part of Cynova Universe.

We pride ourselves on transparency and intend to make our intentions known. Establishing and growing a software development company requires developers, marketing and advertising spending, and even our friends, the lawyers. With the beta launch of B-Pay, our early partnership success, and our first revenue milestone, we feel it is time to fundraise and give this business a true chance at success.

We are not interested in a perpetual NFT collection minting strategy that simply “keeps the lights on”. We want to establish a profitable business and reward the holders who share in our risk appropriately. Thus, we have decided to mint a 2-part NFT collection whereby 100% of the proceeds will go to establishing and marketing the Builderz B-Pay software product.



BLOCKZ is a two-part collection. BLOCKZ Alpha and BLOCKZ Beta. Here is what to expect.

BLOCKZ NFT Mint Details

Note: Only 150 of the 200 BLOCKZ Alpha collection will be minted, with the balanced airdropped to Genesis holders and strategic partners.

Don’t worry fellow Cynova Legacy holders. You also participate in the profit sharing with a full cross-platform benefits roadmap to be released later this week. It is important to note that profit sharing is tied to Builderz, meaning ALL products we build and launch (in addition to B-Pay) will be included.

We intend to run this like a business. And like any business, you need a budget. Here is our anticipated source and uses:



We anticipate generating revenue within the continued development period of the B-Pay product. Our expectation is that this fundraising effort will allow us to establish a positive cash flow operating business. That is not to say we won’t desire to raise growth capital in the future, but our expectation is that will be done in the private markets at the Builderz holding company level.

SaaS Sales Model

It would be difficult to make a prudent investment decision without understanding the sales model of the platform you are investing in. We have decided to offer B-Pay (and future Builderz products) to the market utilizing a traditional SaaS pricing model.

Licenses will be on a per-wallet basis. We will be charging a monthly fixed fee of 0.25–0.50 SOL per employee or contractor wallet address that is used for processing payments. In the future, we intend to offer payment in multiple currencies including NOVAX.

Note: The monthly charge is subject to change upon market feedback, enhanced features, add-on business intelligence products, etc.

Our forecast user acquisition within the first 3–5 months is 1,000 wallet addresses which would equate to a monthly revenue rate of 250-500 SOL. Profit margins will be healthy as is typical with SaaS offerings, but decisions to re-invest into the expansion of B-Pay or accelerated development of additional Builderz tools may impact distribution amounts during given periods.

We are truly excited about the prospects of Builderz, and hope you will participate in our upcoming BLOCKZ mint. We believe can establish a suite of easy-to-use yet immensely needed operational tools for the web3 industry that will generate sustainable revenues and profits for the business and our collection holders.



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