B-Pay: Tutorials

We are incredibly proud, happy and relieved to finally be realising B-Pay into the world. The whole team have been working tirelessly on this for months and the day has finally arrived!

The reason we built B-Pay was because we ourselves struggled with managing recurring crypto salaries for our team and crypto invoices for products, services etc.

B-Pay solves this problem… and more.

The current version of B-Pay that you see today is just the beginning. Here’s how it works:

How to set up your team salaries and escrows:

How to set up your team salaries and escrows — Builderz YouTube
  1. Connect your wallet.

2. Navigate to the teams page.

3. Click “ADD TEAM” and add a team name, the number of escrows needed and the number of team members.

4. From your newly created team page, create an escrow by clicking “ADD TEAM ESCROW”, then click “CONFIRM”.

5. Now click “ADD MEMBER” and fill out the fields in relation to each team members salary amount, currency and frequency. Then click “CONFIRM”.

6. Now you can fill your escrow. Click “FILL UP” and approve the transaction. Your team salaries are now setup and automated.

How to create, send and pay invoices:

How to create, send and pay invoices — Builderz YouTube
  1. Navigate to the invoices page and connect your wallet.

2. Click “NEW INVOICE” and fill out the fields with your clients name, wallet address, the invoice amount, currency and due date. Click confirm and your invoice is now sent.

3. All incoming and outgoing invoices are displayed on your invoices dashboard. To pay, click the green tick next to the invoice. To decline, click the red cross next to the invoice.



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